2018 National Local Roads and Transport Congress

Alice Springs Convention Centre, Alice Springs, NT

The theme of this year's Congress is Connecting Transport Networks Now and into the Future. The importance of improved transport connectivity to the economic wellbeing of Australia is well established. Improved transport connectivity allows greater accessibility to employment and markets, and cost savings in terms of reduced transit times, less traffic congestion and reduced transport costs.


Integrating People, Land Use and Transport – Allan Garcia

It's Time to Stop Counting the Dead – Professor Narelle Haworth

Network-wide Road Design – David Bobberman

"Raising the Bar" Showing Your Road Safety Leadership – Peter Frazer

Innovation: Pavements – Jerry Tan

Smart City Applications – Lessons Learned – Jamie French



2019 Local Government Roads and Transport Agenda

Roads and Transport Program

Roads and Transport Congress Registration Brochure



Please contact ALGA on 02 6122 9400 for more information on this year's Congress.