Faster permits through NHVR’s portal module

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) says that many road managers around the country are enjoying the increased ease of processing permits by using its Portal Full – Road Manager module.

According to NHVR’s Portal Program Director David Carlisle, using the Portal Full saves time and streamlines the administrative work involved in processing permits.

“Portal users experience a number of advantages such as better editing and reporting capabilities, the ability to create customised profiles to suit specific needs, having multiple account users and varying levels of access,” he said.

“In addition, the Permit Library allows improved and easier records management. Your records team can all have their own log-in and access all the permits and details of each case to populate their respective inhouse records systems.

“This will also allow councils an improved audit history. There is no need to track the emailing consent/application request links.”

Heavy Vehicle Access Liaison Officer, LGAQ, Robbie Chow said high-volume local government users are telling him that the Road Manager Module (NHVR) Portal has many benefits.

“Portal users have access to better quality data, a better communication process that is transparent and trackable and the council saves on administrative costs due to more efficient end to end processing. They’re also able to better check consent history,” Robbie said.

If your council has not yet activated in the NHVR Portal Full, you’ll be contacted in the near future to help walk you through the transition process. If you wish to migrate now, please contact Deborah-Marie Arnaud via email to fast track the process.