Mobile GIS puts Riverina Water on the map

The Riverina Water County Council (RWCC) is tasked with delivering safe, reliable water to the community of 75,000 residents at the lowest sustainable cost. As the RWCC maintains an extensive network of 32,000 water pipes including treatment plants, pumps, and pipework, the council must also manage the water asset data flows between council desktops and mobile devices in the field.

The RWCC upgraded its asset data management with Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum® Spatial Analyst software, enabling water asset planning and management decisions using accurate, current spatial data. The web-based solution allows employees and authorities to access, analyse and revise spatial data from maps in real time.

“Our goal was to streamline and have as much information as possible through one portal. We saw the web interface as the obvious choice,” said Assets Officer Aran Beckett.

The self-service solution has enabled increased efficiency and mobility. When pipes need to be installed or repaired, teams can use tablets to remotely verify asset locations, check and update specifications, enter work order requests, upload photos and more. 

The introduction of this software has also benefitted authorities outside the council. Fire brigade inspectors can quickly locate hydrants, who previously had to rely on paper maps that were updated twice a year.

Riverina County residents can also use a public version of Spectrum Spatial Analyst, to locate the water connections to their property. Online access of the maps allows residents to report the location of a water service problem, resulting in fewer phone inquiries to council staff.

You can view the full case study here.