Delivering Australia’s digital future

Federal Minister for Human Services and the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister in Digital Transformation, the Hon Michael Keenan has announced a plan for Australia to be one of the top three “digital governments” by 2025.

The plan includes the creation of a digital identity solution as well as lowering barriers faced by small to medium-sized enterprises in tendering for government projects. 

The Federal Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will be responsible for the whole of government digital strategy. The Government aims to have the digital strategy published in the third quarter of this year.

The strategy will outline a set of clear goals and next steps for delivering Australia’s digital future, including a focus on important areas such as:

  1. Engagement in service delivery: to make government interactions and engagement easier for both individuals and business.
  2. Decision-making: to make smarter, more innovative and informed decisions through the use of data and analytics.
  3. Supporting structures and business models: to make government fit for the challenges of the digital age by adapting to new and emerging technology, and challenging the mindset and processes of the Australian Public Service.

“It is an exciting time to be involved in Australia’s digital future,” Minister Keenan said.

“We have all seen that Australians are embracing technology like never before and they expect services – whether they are coming from government or the private sector – to be simple, convenient and easy to use.

“We must look at world best practice and learn from it, be it from our own startups, industry, academia, local and state governments or other countries big and small, close and far away.

“For those of you interested in being involved in this work, the DTA will also be running consultations with the industry shortly to gather input to help deliver a bold, yet pragmatic strategy that will truly deliver Australia’s digital future.”

The website for the Senate Inquiry into the digital delivery of government services is here and the speech delivered by Minister Keenan is available on the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.