AU smart lighting short video series

The 6th Australian Smart Lighting Summit is releasing a short video series which will highlight key smart lighting developments across local councils and latest innovations drawn from international industry experts. Each video provides snapshots of real life examples from intelligent lighting initiatives which experts, who are presenting at the summit, are currently working on.

Marc Cassanet of Wyndham City Council opened up the series with a brief overview of the council’s experience in managing the community’s urban heat island effect and climate adaptation through smart lighting.

A newly-released video covers Ian Dryden, Principal – Industrial Design at the City of Melbourne, discussing smart lighting changes taking place in the Melbourne CBD, including the incorporation of an existing mesh network into a smart lighting system.

Periodically released in the lead up to the summit, attendees will be treated to local and global insights. Other featured experts include Paul Brown of Ironbark Sustainability, Kim Brostrøm of Denmark’s Outdoor Lighting Lab and Michelle Van Gerrevink of City of Glen Eira, scheduled for release next week.

Touching on smart lighting trends and its application into society, Presentation Snapshots will provide viewers with a glimpse of what’s been happening in the sector with more in-depth discussions to be held at the Summit.

You can view the full video series here:

Here are the current snapshots:

Street Lighting Asset Ownership, Network Usage, Hardware Providers & V-Cat  – City of Melbourne

Towards zero net emissions – In keeping with efforts to become a renowned ‘Smart City’, the world’s most liveable city has implemented a series of street lighting upgrades. Principal of Industrial Design, Ian Dryden from the City of Melbourne shares the council’s current progress on smart lighting and how they are using the smart network.

Smart lighting trial at Wyndham City Council, Victoria

Marc Cassanet, Coordinator Environment and Sustainability from Wyndham City Council discusses the council’s experience on their latest smart street lighting roll out and what they’re doing to manage island effect and climate adaptation.

Blue Light

Having worked and assisted over 250 Australian councils with the implementation of sustainable asset management projects, Ironbark Sustainability’s MD Paul Brown talks on one of the most topical issue pertaining to street lights worldwide – blue light and its impact on health and road safety.

EU's largest permanent outdoor testing field for smart lighting solutions – DOLL

Supporting municipalities, private organisations and decision makers with insights and data collected for a future-proof transition to smart lighting technologies. Chief Technology Officer of DOLL (Denmark Outdoor Lighting Lab), Kim Brostrøm elaborates on how this is achieved through impartial guidance and market transparency on intelligent lighting solutions from leading manufacturers.