Anti-Poverty Week 14 – 20 October

At least a million Australians live in poverty or severe hardship. The causes and symptoms include inadequate access to work and income, education, housing and health care services. They cannot afford essential goods and services which most Australians take for granted.

During Anti-Poverty Week, all community leaders are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity aiming to highlight or overcomes issues of hardship and poverty in their local community.

This year Anti-Poverty Week is 14-20 October.

Councils are encouraged to organise an initiative in their communities during the week, and promote their events by linking to the 2018 calendar of Anti-Poverty Week activities. 

Examples of activities local councils organised last year included:

  • The City of Busselton held a Councillor’s Cook-Off to help raise awareness of the causes and consequences of poverty.
  • Mackay Regional Council held a “Connecting Communities” event to raise awareness about poverty.
  • Blacktown City Council held the Colo Lane Couch Race – their Annual Couch Surfing Championship to raise awareness about homelessness.
  • Oberon Council held a food drive for people in need in Oberon.
  • Moreland City Council organised a gathering to share stories about homelessness.

Councils can help promote Anti-Poverty Week in their communities by including information in their council newsletters. Resources are available on the Anti-Poverty Week website

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