Launch of the new Water Quality Australia website

A joint initiative between the Commonwealth, state, territory and New Zealand governments will help better manage and protect water resources.

Head of Water at the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Paul Morris, said a new website had been created to publish an extensively revised, nationally-supported strategy and guidelines for improving water quality in Australian waterways.

“This new website will provide water managers with the tools and advice they need to assess, manage and monitor water quality at a local level,” Mr Morris said.

“Protecting water quality is integral to securing the health of our aquatic ecosystems, meeting the needs of people, agriculture and industry, and protecting the cultural, spiritual and natural values that we hold dear.

“The water quality website will support state and territory governments to apply the Australian and New Zealand guidelines according to local regulations and conditions.”

The website contains the National Water Quality Management Strategy and the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality.

The guidelines have been updated over several years using the best available science and new techniques to make them more relevant and current.

The guidelines have been used by all Australian and New Zealand governments since 1992.

The new website is available at