ALGA federal election advocacy focus: Support communities with their climate change response

Australia’s efforts to address and respond to climate change is not taking full advantage of the opportunity for partnership and collaboration with local government. COP21 has acknowledged the importance of sub-national governments, including local governments, in addressing and responding to climate change.

Local government understands that effective mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change will transform the Australian economy, environment and society as a whole. The scope of those impacts and causes mean a serious effort across all sectors of the Australian community is needed.

Councils in Australia are committed to playing their role and many councils have responded to the climate change challenge by adopting proactive strategies to reduce emissions and to adapt to unavoidable climate change impacts through climate change risk assessments and adaptation plans.

Having identified potential solutions to the range of challenges, many councils need additional help to implement local projects and innovative solutions.

Ahead of the next federal election, due by May 2019, ALGA has called for the federal government to support communities in their climate change response by investing in a Local Government Climate Change Partnership Fund of $200 million over four years.

ALGA’s analysis indicates that this investment would have a cumulative Gross Domestic Product benefit of $451 million by the third year and create up to 1,100 new jobs.

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