Apply for a Scholarship

Milparanga is run by the ARLF and is a cross industry leadership program with a focus on regional and remote Australia. The Australia Council is supporting First Nations artists and arts practitioners to participate in the program. Milparanga, meaning ‘watching over country and its people’ (in Mithaka language), honours Indigenous knowledge, philosophies and reclaiming of language. Milparanga is designed to develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership and aims to support participants to:

  • grow as an individual
  • develop leadership capabilities, including governance and decision making
  • co-create robust conversations for powerful shifts across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander landscape
  • broaden perspectives and act together for the greater good.

The program runs over six months starting in either June 2019 or July 2019 (see ARLF website for more information) and includes a final residential session in September 2019 in Canberra. This is a unique opportunity to become part of a network of leaders who will support each other as you continue to develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership.