Councils Kicking Goals in Partnership with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s purpose is to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia. We work in partnership with others to support and create evidence-based policies and practice to achieve these goals. We co-design our evidence-based programs with communities, including local councils and government, and support them to build capacity to create change.

Our Local Drug Action Team Program currently works with 244 teams across Australia, many of which partner with local councils and government. Of the 72 new Local Drug Action Teams accepted into the program this year, 20% have a local council as their lead organisation, and many more include local councils among their partners.

A fantastic example of this type of work is the Hepburn Local Drug Action Team in Victoria. Led by Hepburn Health Service and partnering with Hepburn Shire Council as well as other local organisations and schools, they ran a successful program to up-skill and improve the mental wellbeing of young people in the community. The Local Drug Action Team was able to improve access to education and skills development for students who were at risk of disengaging from formal education, through a 19-week hospitality and tourism course called ‘The Cook, The Chef and Us’. Students learnt skills and graduated with certificates that have increased their employability in the industry and helped to build confidence, health knowledge and social connections.

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