Australian local governments stand in solidarity with Ukraine

Today councils from across Australia have come together at the 2022 NGA in Canberra to support the people of Ukraine, unanimously passing the following motion:

“We the delegates of the 2022 National General Assembly of Local Government stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its legitimate elected democratic governments in seeking peace, security and stability within the State of Ukraine.”

The motion followed an address to the Assembly by the Ukraine Ambassador, His Excellency Vasyl Myroshnychenko.

ALGA President Linda Scott said the Ambassador was warmly received by almost 1,000 councillors and local government leaders.

“Councils around Australia – and the world – are committed to local democracy, and we have been horrified by the images we have seen and the reports we have read coming out of Ukraine.”

“As we gathered in Canberra today, we wanted to send a powerful and united message of support to the Ukraine people, and their democratically elected governments.”

Speaking to NGA delegates, the Ukraine Ambassador said he had been pleased by the support he had received from local governments.

“I have travelled extensively and met many mayors and lord mayors and I am amazed by all the people I have met.  I have received many letters of support from local governments across the country,” Ambassador Myroshnychenko said.

“We need more support; the level of destruction is enormous. Hospitals, schools and important infrastructure have all been destroyed. It will take one to two generations to re-build.”

“Local governments can help mostly by connecting local services to those Ukrainians who have relocated into your communities, and by raising money to help Ukrainians rebuild critical infrastructure such as schools and hospitals,” he said.