Clean-up programs added to NSW storm and flood support

Federal and state government assistance to flood-impacted communities in NSW has been widened to include new clean-up programs.

The activation of Category C and D assistance through the joint Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) will assist households, businesses, primary producers and local councils affected by the floods and will include both insured and uninsured properties.

The costs will be shared 50:50 between the Australian and NSW governments.

The two governments have also agreed to provide recovery grants to small businesses of up to $50,000 and grants to primary producers of up to $75,000 where direct damage has occurred, on a cost-shared basis.

 The NSW Storm and Flood Clean-up Program includes:

  • Residential clean-up: to assist residents in flood-affected areas whose homes have been damaged by floodwaters;
  • Clean-up of essential public assets: to assist with the clean-up and debris removal activities from flood-damaged public assets (eg, roads);
  • Clean-up of community, recreation and cultural assets including sporting fields;
  • Primary producers and small business clean-up: to assist primary producers and small businesses to clean-up and dispose of flood-related debris from their properties;
  • Clean-up and restoration of environmental assets: to assist with the clean-up and restoration of flood-damaged, priority environmental assets including beaches; and
  • Associated clean-up and waste disposal costs: to cover additional costs incurred by affected councils and relevant state agencies.

The small business and primary producer recovery grants are designed to provide short-term targeted assistance for recovery and reinstatement activities.