NSW local roads to get $150m fix from state and federal govts

More than 100 new road upgrades in NSW local government areas have been announced as part of the Fixing Local Roads Program.

Although it is nominally a NSW government program, the Commonwealth committed $191 million to Fixing Local Roads in 2020. Results for Round 2 of the program were announced this week.

The successful projects include repairing, patching, maintaining, and sealing local roads to improve safety and cut travel times for communities across the state.

Round 1 of the Fixing Local Roads Program saw $243 million of joint funding allocated to 253 projects in 84 Local Government Areas.

Round 2 funding of $150 million has been allocated to 108 road projects in 90 Local Government Areas.

All successful projects will be completed within two years to ensure local communities see the benefits as quickly as possible.