Continued operation of Council Facilities

The Coronavirus pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for all councils when considering issues around the continued operation of council facilities and services. This can include libraries, pools, leisure centres, service centres, halls and caravan parks

Each council will need to make its own decisions in light of its unique circumstances, the community’s needs and the facility or service in question and the advice from their respective state and territory governments as to the operation of various services and facilities.

Issues that councils might need to consider could include whether a facility or room is large enough to allow safe distances between users, risks to the health and wellbeing of staff from keeping a facility open and whether falling user numbers make it hard to justify keeping a facility open. In some cases, despite a major drop off in user numbers, councils might decide to keep facilities open so that community members have a safe space to visit, so that there is a place where community members can get the information they need, or to allow members of the public who don’t have online access or have language difficulties to interact with council staff.

Regardless of decisions around facilities Councils will continue to operate, keeping communities and local economies functioning.