Truck Curfews and Supermarket Deliveries

The ALGA Board expressed its support for councils doing everything they can to ensure supermarkets are restocked and rejected recent criticism of local governments as a key cause in problems restocking supermarket shelves.

When approached by Coles and Woolworths for temporary exemptions to curfews most Councils have readily agreed. Some like the Knox City Council in Victoria have even allocated a supermarket liaison officer to support food and product supply.

ALGA and the state and territory local government associations have been working with Coles and Woolies and individual councils to resolve any issues with the temporary lifting of the curfews which have been put in place to ensure the long term amenity of surrounding residents and address potential road congestions issues.

A major problem has been the unprecedented pressure on supermarket supply chains with supermarkets unable to get stock out of the warehouses and onto the shelves fast enough.