FAQs about the Tourism Hub

The Tourism Hub is a collaboration between the government and private sector to develop a central platform to access tourism research, news and opportunities. It supports a social community to connect tourism professionals to seek advice, and to share knowledge and solutions to common challenges.

How can The Tourism Hub benefit our local council?

When developing a new tourism strategy, local council policy or just looking for advice on a challenging issue, chances are another council can help. Through the Tourism Hub, you can connect with other regions, or post a question to the Local Government group to seek advice and share experiences.

Do I need to be an ART member to access The Tourism Hub?

No, it is not compulsory to become a member of ART to access the tourism hub however, ART is a not-for-profit organisation and always appreciates your support. Your membership enables us to continue to advocate for regional tourism, deliver regional projects, and provide access to resources such as The Tourism Hub to the regional tourism community.

Is there a cost to register on The Tourism Hub?


Where do I sign in to The Tourism Hub?

You can sign in to The Tourism Hub here

Can each local council have more than one staff log in?

Yes, you are able to invite other staff members to register and access the hub. We recommend the tourism team including visitor information centre staff also access The Tourism Hub.

I didn’t receive an email to approve my registration, what should I do?

ART have removed the need for an admin approval for delegates to streamline the registration process. We will re-instate this system on the 30th March 2019. So, for now, you can log straight in and access all features on The Tourism Hub. For technical problems please contact ART eo@regionaltourism.com.au

We are currently recruiting a position within our tourism team, can I share this on The Tourism Hub?

Yes, you can directly upload any tourism related job within Australia on the jobs board. If you have any questions at all, please email admin@artn.com.au