Free Bushfire Resilience Rating app now available

A new Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Self-Assessment app places decades of science and research into local governments and residents’ hands, allowing them to assess homes and measure how they would perform in a bushfire.

The free app also provides households with a customised action plan, specific to their individual property and local risk. As tasks are completed, the home’s Resilience Rating is updated.

The technology has been developed by the Resilient Building Council – a not-for-profit collaboration of independent bushfire, flood, storm, cyclone, heatwave and energy experts.

There are often many low-cost actions to improve a home’s resilience immediately, such as sealing gaps and moving surfboards and caravans away from the home.

More than 1,200 households from bushfire impacted areas across Australia helped co-design and test the app, prior to its national launch. Participants undertook recommended actions that resulted in an average 67% reduction in the likelihood of their home igniting in a bushfire.

Watch this video about using the Bushfire Resilience Rating:

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