Household behaviours under study to reduce food waste

A new research project to better understand household behaviours around food waste and lessen the amount of food sent to landfill has begun in South Australia.

The project is a collaboration between the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre, East Waste (a regional subsidiary of seven Adelaide councils), the University of Adelaide, Green Industries SA, and sub-contractor Rawtec.

Its aim is to promote a circular economy where the nutrients from food waste go back into the compost industry, ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by food rotting in landfills.

East Waste chairman Fraser Bell says that diverting food waste from landfill represents a big financial and environmental opportunity for councils.

“Food waste is a valuable commodity and we hope to improve household bin disposal behaviour,” Mr Bell said.

“Through this new research, we will build a picture of the behaviour of our residents, including the levers that can influence positive and sustainable changes in their practices moving forward.”

The Fight Food Waste CRC website has more information.