Pro-bono scientists on offer to local communities

Local community sustainability initiatives needing hard facts and evidence to progress their goals are being offered a potential new solution: pro-bono scientific advice.

Future Earth Australia is accepting applications from community leaders to develop a community science partnership where a selected pro-bono scientist designs, develops, and produces research to enable progress on a community’s priority.

The community science partnerships will have an emphasis on – but not be limited to:

  • Consumption, waste and circular economy;
  • Ocean and coastal adaptation to environmental and climate change;
  • Community-empowered climate adaptation, particularly for disasters like bushfire and flood;
  • Diverse and resilient local food economies;
  • Improving water security and quality; and
  • Defending biodiversity, protecting precious species and building biodiverse places. 

Working with the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange, FEA will handle the planning and development of the project with the aim of developing “impactful tools and solutions that work for your community”.

Expressions of interest are due by 26 June. Contact Eleanor Robson at FEA for more information.

A call for scientists will open after the successful communities have been selected.