NSW councils get advance payments on 2020-21 FAGs

The NSW Office of Local Government has begun making advance payments of Commonwealth Financial Assistance Grants to NSW councils.

The payments follow last week’s announcement that the Federal Government will again bring forward the first two instalments of the estimated 2020-21 FAGs.

The advance payments will represent about 50 per cent of the amount to which councils are entitled.

The first quarterly instalment is expected to be paid to councils in mid-August 2020, with subsequent instalments in November 2020, February 2021, and May 2021.

Further adjustments will be made to the remaining payments based on:

  • the determination by the Commonwealth Treasurer of the final adjustments for 2019-20; and
  • the Grants Commission’s recommendations for 2020-21.

The balance of the grants will be paid with a corresponding reduction to the quarterly instalments during 2020-21.

The NSW Office of Local Government says all councils will be advised by letter of their estimated entitlements for 2020-21 FAGs.