LG ‘ready to work to secure national disability strategy goals’

Australia’s national disability strategy has been updated with a stronger focus on housing, safety, employment, and community attitudes.

Launched on 3 December with pre-recorded messages from Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) President Linda Scott and state, territory, and federal government leaders, Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-31 is the culmination of two years of engagement between various stakeholders.

It builds on the National Disability Strategy 2010-20, which, among other things, helped bring the National Disability Insurance Scheme into being.

In her message, Cr Scott said ALGA was proud to be a signatory to the new strategy.

“Councils have long understood that planning for disability inclusion benefits not only people with disability, but also the wider community.

“We are in the unique position to be able to listen directly to the voices of people with disability, to identify barriers and obstacles to inclusion and to respond with local solutions [that] drive change and create inclusive environments for all people,” she said.

The revised strategy’s priorities include providing people with disability with employment and financial security, providing them with accessible housing, transport, and built environments, and seeing their rights are promoted, upheld, and protected.

All levels of government have committed to delivering more comprehensive and visible reporting under the new strategy to ensure accountability and build the evidence base for making informed decisions on areas of future focus.

Reporting under the Strategy will complement the reporting already undertaken by state and territory governments, and many local governments, as part of their own disability plans.

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