LRCI momentum builds as more councils roll out projects

Maitland City Council has announced five road and infrastructure projects as part of the Federal Government’s $1.5 billion Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program.

The NSW Central Coast council is just one of scores of local governments across the country planning, consulting on, or actively implementing projects funded wholly or in part by the LRCI program.

The five Maitland projects include a wide range of additions to further develop a well-known local lookout, Bolwarra, which boasts other attractions such as play equipment, picnic facilities, and public amenities.

Maitland was allocated $2.8 million as part of Phase 2 of the LCRI program and will use the money to redevelop the Bolwarra car park and playground, install new barbecue and seating areas, and upgrade toilets and access points.

Maitland Council’s manager of engineering and design Kevin Stein said the upcoming projects “will be a great addition to the local community that will further engage and connect individuals to important and significant services”.

The Australian Local Government Association is compiling case studies of these and other projects to demonstrate to the Commonwealth the benefit of investing with local government through the LRCI program.

These will be used to bolster advocacy to have the program extended or made permanent.

ALGA welcomes examples of LRCI projects being undertaken by other councils. Brief summaries of their projects, including the number of jobs created or supported, economic and social benefits, and images, should be emailed to