Minister praises local government during Parliament 

Local governments are a trusted partner of the federal government and effectively deliver services on behalf of the Commonwealth, Local Government Minister Kristy McBain told Question Time on Wednesday (30 November). 

“The local government sector is a trusted delivery partner for the federal government. They are the only level of government who deliver services to every town, village and community across this country,” she said during a speech in the House of Representatives. 

“Whether that’s disaster recovery, aged care, Closing the Gap initiatives or other community services, we know if we’re going to rely on them, we have to give them a seat at the table.” 

McBain also highlighted the recent Local Government Ministers’ meeting, attended by ALGA, where a range of “critical issues” were discussed including skills shortages, sustainability, jobs and skills shortages and housing. 

“We know local governments across Australia deserve broad sweeping policy that meets the needs of communities across this country – and we will ensure that their voices continue to be heard,” she said. 

“Local governments across Australia will benefit from all our policies – whether it’s increased jobs in the renewable energy sector, access to secure housing, better connectivity or helping them deliver their locally-led solutions.” 

Minister McBain also said the government would continue to provide funding support to councils so they can “fix roads, upgrade facilities and provide essential services”. 

“In 2022-23, this government is committed to delivering $2.9 billion in Financial Assistance Grants to local governments across the country. 

“We know this untied funding enables local governments to deliver their community priorities and enables the best placed solutions to come through.” 

Watch full speech in Parliament below: