National Rural Health Alliance in talks with ALGA

The National Rural Health Alliance CEO, Director Policy and Strategy Development and Director Communications and Media Liaison have initiated discussions with ALGA to explore possible areas of partnership involving their rural local government area members.

Local government is playing an increasingly important role in health and wellbeing for local communities and there are many areas that the Alliance and ALGA can work together collaboratively to call for improved health infrastructure and services.

In its federal election document, ALGA called attention to the increasing cost of health care creating health and wellbeing inequalities, which in turn risk poorer quality of life for our communities.

ALGA has called for an incoming government to promote healthier communities by investing in a Local Government Place-Based Preventative Health and Activity Program of $100 million over four years.

The program could utilise local government’s capacity and existing resources. It could be aimed at improving health outcomes through healthier eating and increased physical activity via programs delivered in or with men’s sheds, sport and recreation facilities, and community groups.

More information is available on ALGA’s federal election advocacy website.