282 accident sites selected for 2021-22 Black Spot fixes

Over 200 dangerous crash sites on NSW, Victoria, SA, Tasmania, and WA roads will get Black Spot Program fixes in 2021-22.

Program funding of $86.9 million was announced this week, with the biggest share set to flow to councils in Victoria and NSW.

Queensland Black Spot funding of $20.8 million to improve 67 dangerous crash sites in 2021-22 was announced last month.

This takes total 2021-22 funding so far to $107.7 million, with 282 black spots identified for fixes.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) identified $137.4 million in 2021-22 Black Spot funding in its analysis of May’s Federal Budget.

A significantly expanded Road Safety Black Spot program remains an important policy priority for ALGA given the program is continuously over-subscribed.

ALGA also continues to seek opportunities to make it easier and less onerous for councils to apply for Black Spot funding, as many lack the resources needed to undertake the road safety audits required for proactive applications.

Under this week’s funding announcements:

  • NSW councils will be allocated $34.4 million to fix 97 black spots;
  • WA councils will get $14.74 million to rectify 34 black spots;
  • SA councils will receive $9.3 million to improve 20 black spots;
  • Tasmanian councils will get $2.7 million for 13 black spots; and
  • Victorian councils will receive $25.8 million to fix 51 black spots.

Councils will also contribute to the cost of improvements.

Click here to nominate a black spot or find out more about the program and here to see a list of 2021-22 funded projects in NSW, WA, SA, Tasmania, and Victoria.