New council program to employ 5600 apprentices and trainees

ALGA has asked the Federal Government to support a new program to enable councils to employ up to 5,600 additional apprentices, trainees, cadets and graduates over the next 10 years.

Due to the current national skills shortage, Australian councils are facing significant jobs and skills challenges, and increased investment in training and upskilling the next generation of workers is vital for the future.

The recent 2022 Local Government Workforce Skills and Capability Survey showed nine out of every 10 Australian councils are facing jobs and skills shortages, particularly in some professions (including engineers, urban and town planners, environmental health inspectors, building surveyors, and human resource professionals). 

As part of its pre-Budget 2023-24 submission, ALGA has called on the Government to: 

  • Support a new program that will fund councils to employ up to 5,600 additional apprentices, trainees, cadets, and graduates over the next decade, which would restore the total numbers to 2012 levels. 

Councils have traditionally been an excellent provider and incubator of entry level employment, particularly for those seeking to acquire practical skills, training and nationally recognised qualifications as well as access to long term secure employment. 

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