New rules for mobile coverage in housing developments

New rules have been developed by the Federal Government to ensure all new housing developments of 50 dwellings or more should include mobile coverage during planning processes.

The rules reflect existing expectations about access to essential utilities – water, electricity and fixed line telecommunications services – in new developments, highlighting the critical importance of mobile connectivity in modern life.

The Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy informs the steps to be taken by states and territories to strengthen planning regulations.

If implemented by states and territories, the new rules would mean developers, mobile network operators and infrastructure providers need to engage as early as possible on mobile connectivity and coverage solutions for housing developments.

Other changes to the TIND policy include:

  • developers building multi-unit buildings should need to provide for in-building pathways where cabling is required, and
  • NBN Co. to spread backhaul costs across different developments in the area.

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