Talks begin on next edition of National Construction Code

The Australian Building Codes Board is inviting public comment on the development of the 2022 edition of the National Construction Code. 

Some of the more significant amendments developed for the next edition of the NCC, and covered in this first of a two-stage release of content for public comment, include:

  • Draft provisions relating to accessible housing;
  • Proposed amendments concerning allowable lead levels for certain plumbing products that contact drinking water;
  • Egress provisions for early childhood centres and primary schools;
  • Quantification of Performance Requirements, including Part A8;
  • Bushfire protection for non-residential buildings; and
  • Stage 1 weatherproofing and waterproofing for commercial buildings.

This consultation includes the draft provisions regarding Accessible Housing, and will be open until 2 July.

Comments will be sought via two separate consultation stages to reduce stakeholder burden.

This first stage of consultation seeks comment on all proposed NCC amendments except energy efficiency and condensation proposals that arise from project work. The public comment period for this first stage opened on 10 May and ends on 2 July.

Proposed content relating to energy efficiency and condensation project work will open for comment on 19 July, as the second stage of NCC 2022 PCD.

Go to the ABCB webpage for more detail.