Podcasts explore role of arts in disaster preparedness/recovery

Four new stories looking at the unique role the arts can play in the disaster management process have been made available as podcasts.

In Season 2 of the “Creative Responders” podcasts, listeners will hear from council teams and participating artists as they examine what a community-led project looks like; why it is essential to centre the local community as the first priority; and how the shared focus of arts-based projects can provide myriad ways to bring people together to make meaning of their experience.

Episode 2, entitled “Community-led Recovery in a Time of Cascading Disasters”, explores the important role of local government in the recovery process through a case study in Central and Western Gippsland, where three shire councils are collaborating with Creative Recovery Network to support local artists to develop community-led bushfire recovery projects.

Latrobe City Council’s Robyn Duffy and Linda Snell also share their insights on the current challenges for communities in the face of cascading disasters, and they also describe the creative solutions found by their project team when their community consultation process was interrupted by Victoria’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Other episodes in the new season feature stories about The Arbour Festival in the Snowy Valleys region; the role of Indigenous art and storytelling on the Great Barrier Reef; and one special episode looks at how to best support people working in complex environments such as remote or disaster-impacted communities. 

The podcasts are produced by the Creative Recovery Network, a specialist service provider and advocate for culture and the arts within the emergency management sector, and are hosted by the network’s Scotia Monkivitch.

Creative Responders can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast app – or listen directly at Creative Recovery Network’s website.