SA planning and design code set for metro launch on 19 March

South Australia’s new planning and design code will go live in metropolitan areas from 19 March, the State Planning Commission said last week.

From that date on, all applications lodged will be required to be assessed against the new code, which replaces 72 Development Plans.

Thirty-five metropolitan and major regional councils – which together handle more than 90 percent of SA’s planning applications – will be required to assess applications against the new planning blueprint.

The commission says the code’s introduction represents South Australia’s “biggest reform of planning in 25 years [and] will deliver contemporary policies via a modern digital system”.

Applications will be required to be lodged through a new e-Planning portal which allows residents to type in their address to find out planning policies for their property.

The commission claims the new planning system will provide a clear and consistent planning rule book, streamline planning policies and accelerate development assessments, whilst also allowing councils to consider local policies in determining applications.

However, some fear the code – whose staged introduction across the state has been delayed several times as a result of concerns raised by councils –  will result in reduced appeal rights for neighbours, allow more housing subdivisions, allow commercial development in residential streets, accelerate tree loss, and fails to lift the design quality of new housing.

A final report outlining the changes to the code in response to community feedback will also be made public on 19 March.

For more details, visit the State Planning Commission’s webpage.