Regional progress yearbook now available as an online dashboard

The Progress in Australian Regions Yearbook has been released as an online interactive dashboard by the Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research (BCARR).

The Progress in Australian Regions Dashboard is a statistical resource that shows how regions are progressing against a range of key indicators from the following themes: labour market, infrastructure, housing, economic activity, environment, demography, and well-being.

Users can access the data by indicator theme, drilling down to their region and indicator of interest. Users can interrogate the data further using the Regional Comparisons and Regional Profiles tools on the dashboard.

The dashboard builds on previous editions of the Progress in Australian Regions dataset by collating the latest available data, and incorporating improved data sources where possible.

The Dashboard can be found on the BCARR website, and the underlying data is available on the Australian Government data site as a machine-readable dataset.

The federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications is encouraging regional stakeholders to provide feedback on the dashboard via email at

Additionally, as part of the Government’s Better Data Use to Support Delivery for Regional Australians program announced in the last Budget, the BCARR is developing a Regional Data Hub.

The Hub will bring together key demographic, socio-economic and program data to provide easy access to information about their regions.

A consultation process to identify use cases, what data communities need, and how they would prefer to access the data is being planned.