Reusing mobile phones to help save lives

Australian councils are invited to support and partner with DV Safe Phone to enable victims of domestic violence to have access to a mobile phone.


Founded in March 2020, DV Safe Phone works with the community, business and local government to source old working mobile phones to help provide a lifeline to victims of domestic violence, reduce e-waste, and generate important conversations about domestic violence. 


DV Safe Phone collects, repurposes, and gifts the phones to victims of domestic violence.  The safe phones are provided as part of an individual’s safe or escape plan offering a lifeline to call for help when it’s needed most. 


Councils are invited to become a ‘Registered Phone Drop Location’, with locations placed on an Australia-wide map. 


In two years, DV Safe Phone has donated more than 4,300 phones, with each phone equating to a life supported with a safe phone.  The charity is committed to providing aid to all victims of domestic violence, without discrimination or bias.


For more information on how you can help DV Safe Phone achieve its vision and mission, visit or contact 1300 151 939.