ATO heads-up on community housing provider annual reports

The Taxation Office is advising councils that are registered community housing providers, or that partner CHPs, to lodge their annual reports.

An annual report from a registered CHP is a requirement for eligible individuals who invest in qualifying affordable housing and who want to claim the affordable housing capital gains tax (CGT) discount of up to 10 percent.

To support investor claims for the CGT discount, CHPs need to:

  • issue property investors with an Affordable housing certificate showing the number of days their property was used for affordable housing during the 2020–21 financial year – see Issuing an affordable housing certificate; and
  • include details of any certificates issued to investors in affordable housing and lodge a CHP annual report with the ATO for the 2020-21 year.

CHPs, or their authorised tax agents, can lodge an annual report online using Online services for business or Online services for agents.

The 2020-21 CHP annual report was due by 2 August 2021.