NGA Tuesday 18 June Presentaions

The Role of Local Government in Housing Australians in the 21st Century
Andrew Beer, Dean of Research and Innovation, University of South Australia

Why and how local government and the private sector should work together to increase affordable housing
Robert Prandolin, Founding Board Member, Housing All Australians and Gary Spivak, Housing Development Officer, City of Port Phillip

Disasters – Are You Ready?
Naomi Westwood, Acting Assistant Commissioner Business Registry, Australian Taxation Office

Concurrent: Housing Your Community

Australia’s Local Governments: Comparing Sydney And Melbourne With Other Metro, Regional And Rural Centres
Allan Morris, University of Technology Sydney

The Impact of AirBnB on Housing Markets
Laura Hodgson, PHD Scholar University of South Australia

How Councils Can Assist with Affordable Housing
Lenka Thompson, PHD Scholar, UTS

Concurrent: Your Community, Your Environment

How The Australasian Recycling Label Will Assist Local Government In Reducing Recycling Contamination Rates
Peter Brisbane, Government Partnership Manager, APCO and Ryan Collins, Head of Sustainable Resource Programs, Planet Ark